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We offer ADHD testing for ages 6-60 both in person and virtually. We are able to provide care for patients across the state of Michigan. QbTest is one of the widest FDA-cleared medical devices that provides objective data for diagnosing and treating ADHD in patients. The evidence-based testing performed in our clinic is different than traditional testing that you may have seen or have familiarity with. Our practice uses QbTest to increase safety, improve the quality of care we can provide our patients, enhance our assessment visits for initial evaluation of ADHD symptoms, and help measure how our patients are responding to treatment that has been prescribed by their provider.


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In-Office + Telehealth
Regulatory: QbTest is an FDA cleared, CE marked
and widely used objective test that measures
core ADHD symptoms – activity, inattention
and impulsivity. A typical test lasts no more
than 15-20 minutes. Cleared for ages 6-60. FDA
Clearance includes the ability to be used as an
aid in diagnostic decisions, and aid in treatment
monitoring of ADHD.


In Office
QbTest is the company’s original ADHD
management system, designed for robust diagnosis
and treatment follow up. It enables clinicians to
have confidence in their diagnostic decision and
have meaningful conversations with patients about
their symptoms.


QbTest Telehealth, powered by QbCheck, offers
a more portable version of objective testing with
easy integration with clinical practices. QbTest

Telehealth uses motion tracking gathered via web-
camera technology rather than infrared camera.


QbTest Telehealth meets high security standards:
• End-to-end encryption
• Two-factor authentication
• ISO 27001 certified
Qbtech is backed by more than 35 studies,
demonstrating its ability to perform. Qbtech looks
for and identifies things that cannot be found
with subjective interviews and questionnaires
on their own and helps reduce bias from the
evaluation process.

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